Just Two (2(

^^ ONLY THAT MANY DAYS LEFT UNTIL ICCAs! We’re all so pumped, we’re getting in our last few rehearsals between today and Saturday, and still trying to work in a little fun!

This weekend will be filled with an incredible amount of soulful arrangement, rockin’ choreo, and just plain ol’ fun in song! Once again, head over to our Facebook or to Varsity Vocals' website for more information about this Saturday, and go ahead! SUPPORT RU a CAPPELLA! Ticketing information can be found here!

As we’ve said, our brotherly all-male group, Casual Harmony, already won last week’s Quarters at SUNY Binghamton, and we will be competing with RU’s very own lovely ladies of song, Shockwave on Saturday. The event is to be hosted by another of RU’s beautiful, talented co-ed a Cappella group, Orphansporks!

Between now and then, DT will also be working in a little fun; the girls will be doing their nails up right in red & black (keep your eyes peeled at the competition for any fancy ones!), probably accompanied by the boys and pizza! We’ll take plenty of pictures during rehearsal as well as when we debut our new, handmade t-shirts, so keep it locked right here!

We would LOVE to see anyone and everyone be there this Saturday. Come support! :)